"Ultimate Stick" double DVD from TrueFire - Steve Adelson

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Steve Adelson's double DVD set of 44 mini lessons demistifies the instrument and the Free Hands method in a way that will benefit players of all skill levels.

From the TrueFire Website:

"Ultimate Stick" is a comprehensive, beginner to advanced voyage, presented in 44 easy to understand segments. Starting with simple fretboard navigation and fingering geography, Steve illustrates the logic of the Stick's tuning and layout. Adelson goes through each hand's role, by exploring bass, melody and harmony step by step and then as a homogenous concept. Basic theory is explained and applied to achieve those hard to find complex harmonies. 

The viewer of this course will learn to walk a bass line while soloing and comping chords all at the same time. Scales, chords and all musical tools are explored. Adelson also presents basic Stick tools and fingerings as well as unique techniques like "The Claw" and "The Kerchunk." 

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