"Basic Free Hands Technique" - DVD - Greg Howard

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by Greg Howard
DVD, 119 minutes, 2011 $25

Greg's first instructional DVD has just been released. Basic FREE HANDS Technique, Leaning the Chapman Stick from the Bottom Up, is the first Stick instructional DVD dedicated exclusively to your technique development. This two-hour DVD focuses on Greg's emphasis on hand movement to support the fingers developed as a player and teacher of Emmett's method.

All the basic elements of Stick playing — basslines, chords in both hands, melodies, improvisation and hand independence — can all enhanced by supporting the movement of the fingers with movement of the hands and arms.

"It's all about freeing your hands. Greg's new DVD carries my Free Hands discovery to a level of intimacy and focus that a book simply can't convey. Learning his physical hand-movement based approach will add versatility, flexibility and sonic power to your two-handed tapping."
      —Emmett Chapman
Lesson Topics
  • Instrument Positioning
  • Basic Hand Movement
  • Hand Independence
  • Bassline Movement
  • Melody Movement
  • Independence Training
  • Rhythmic Independence

    There are over 200 graphics that show pitch, movement and fingering info, and no notation to read. 

    All the material is applicable to all of the major tunings, so there's nothing on-screen that can't be played on Classic, MR, Baritone Melody or Deep Baritone 10-string tuned instruments. 

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