"The Stick Book™" Volume 1, companion CD set - Greg Howard

(works with all three versions of the book) 

This double-disc instructional CD includes recordings of all of the notated exercises and song arrangements in The Stick Book, Volume 1. They have been recorded with practice in mind. Each starts with a two-measure metronome click. The bass and melody parts are recorded at a comfortable tempo on separate left(bass) and right(melody) audio channels to make it easy to play along with one or both hands. Some of the exercises have additional metronome clicks between repeated sections, and some of the exercises are divided into multiple CD tracks to make practicing individual sections easer. 

Players of non-Baritone Melody/standard bass instruments will benefit from being able to hear the exercises they are reading in that tuning's notation, making adapting the book to their tuning easier. 

Each track is described in the accompanying booklet, including the following information:

  • Track Number
  • Book Page Number and exercise title
  • Tempo
  • Number of metronome clicks before the track starts
  • Special instructions, where applicable, for each exercise

All tracks were recorded with both melody and bass parts performed simultaneously to accurately convey the sound and feel of the exercises. They were performed by Greg on a Baritone Melody™ 10-string rosewood Stick built in 1995 and equipped with a standard Stickup™ module, heavy gauge bass and light gauge melody strings. The instrument was recorded through a Rane SP 13 Stick preamp. Minimal limiting was used during CD mastering. No other processing was used. 

Tuning tracks are included at the beginning of disc 1.

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