"StickMan, the story of Emmett Chapman and the instrument he created" book by Jim Reilly

Writer and Stick player Jim Reilly captures the arc of Emmett's life in this moving biography of a true American original — musician, inventor, entrepreneur and family man.

Did you ever wonder how The Stick came to be?  How Emmett and Yuta Chapman met?  How Emmett's early years set the tone for the rest of his life?

Paperback. 276 pages, filled with stories and observations from the people who've known him best, and many photos from Emmett's childhood, early musical career, and his decades at the helm of Stick Enterprises.

"It's here! My life's work laid before you, now as a published biography. (I'm finally larger than life).  Jim Reilly, a professional writer and performing Stick artist, has labored long to write "StickMan", the most complete account of my professional and personal life including family, friends, ideas, creations, interviews with Stick artists and other musicians, also several interviews with me that were like flashes of realization.

There's the body, heart, mind, and then there's ones life, which often takes on a life of its own.  Many thanks to Jim, my long time friend who knows me "through thick and thin", for telling my story."

—Emmett Chapman

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