Underdog™ alternative support system for seated play.

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An alternative support system for seated play, designed by Emmett Chapman, engineered by Michael Johnstone

For those of you who like to play The Stick sitting down, there are several known ways to support the instrument in comfortable positions. I'd now like to announce another alternative, the fully adjustable "Underdog", a new Stick accessory now in production and available upon order.

You sit on the unit itself, so The Stick naturally sits lower with the headstock tip roughly at eye level (your spinal column may vary). From this lower position, you can elevate the instrument at the belt-clip's four pairs of fastener holes.

Mike Johnstone and I have been focusing on seated play as a comfortable option to the common standing position. His "LapDawg" invention is ingenious in its adjustability for all Stick angles and elevations. It's a permanent installation onto the belt-clip and its arms folds down and out of the way for stand-up play.

Now Mike has taken on design refinements and fabrication of my new Underdog invention using his best technological know-how. Both of these sit-down accessory support systems provide the advantage of positioning the bottom ("tail") end of your instrument outward toward your knees. The headstock can then incline inward toward your left shoulder, thus providing another comfortable angle of adjustment.

The Underdog provides Stick adjustments in all three dimensions plus elevation, as follows:

* Diagonal angle - ranging from about 15 to 40 degrees from the vertical, and adjustable at the mount's six positions. It's good to remove the shoulder strap, which in standing play would normally adjust this "diagonal" angle. The adjustable mount cradles the belt-clip suspending the instrument neck at the desired playing position.

* Incline angle - bringing the headstock inward toward your left shoulder, and adjustable at the mount's aluminum frame with three interactive thumbscrews. Adjust instrument "incline" with the bottom two small thumbscrews, then tighten the larger top thumbscrew to secure.

* Twist angle - rotating the fretboard on its vertical axis "to the right" (more into the player's line-of-sight) and adjustable at the stopper on the player's left side to vary the angle of the entire Underdog unit as it engages the chair's front edge. For maximum "twist", fasten down the stopper at its outermost position to the player's far left.

* Instrument elevation - Raise or lower The Stick at the belt-clip by selecting one of the four pairs of fastener holes for a three-inch range of heights.

The third fretboard marker should be centered in front of the player's body for balance and straight posture.

You can lean forwards and backwards on your chair or stool while playing. Losing the shoulder strap frees your body to back away from the fretboard or to lean into it.

The Stick is stabilized by the weight of your body sitting on the sheet plastic base.

You can easily extend your right leg outward in front of the pickups and away from the strings and controls. This leg position is especially helpful if you hold your instrument at a more diagonal angle.


 SEAT - 19 1/2" across, 9" front to back, 1/4" thick.
MOUNT - 7 1/4" across, 2 1/2" high, 1/2" thick (matching beltclip gap).

Selling price $180.

"Underdog" is a trademark of Stick Enterprises.