"Waking the Day" CD - Griesgraber/Marotta

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For his latest release Southern California Stick artist Tom Griesgraber has teamed up with veteran rock and prog drummer Jerry Marotta. They call their duo Marotta/Griesgraber, and they are truly equal partners in contributing to this "expanded duo" instrumental disc, adding several layers of sound to the core duo they have honed through extensive touring in Europe and the US.

Fans of Tom's solo work and his band Agent 22 will recognize a few tracks, re-recorded with a new polish and clarity, including his very-catchy odd-metered "77 Times" and his anthemic "Ifs Jam." These tunes are great examples of Tom's compositional style: strong melodies over pure major and minor tonalities, spiced up with some odd time signatures and arrangments that have a more dramatic shape than the typical instrumental "melody-solo-melody" format.

In addition to their Grand Stick and drums, Marotta/Griesgraber add synths, bass sample loops and guitar, with guest performances by Harvey Jones and Tony Levin.

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