"This is EJE" CD - Kevin Keith

Sold Out

review by Greg Howard

This is EJE is perhaps the first Stick-intensive foray into the Urban Jazz genre. Kevin's vocals are so strong and expressive that the appeal of this record goes way beyond the tight groove, catchy hooks and relatively unusual instrumention. Keith and Haynes have a very broad sonic palette bwteen the two of them, and EJE could easily have released a duo album, but the addition of some great players like keyboardists Jeff Lorber and Paul Harris and saxophonist Ron Brown adds a real sonic depth and polish

The Electronic Jazz Ensemble, was born out of electronic, electric and acoustic instruments, and the kind of creative collaboration between far-flung musicians that the internet age has made possible. The core of the ensemble is the duo of Kevin Keith on Stick, bass, guitar, keys and vocals, and the amazing David "fingers" Haynes, who plays drum machines with the kind of virtuosic intensity usually reserved for more physical instruments. Haynes is also a fine trap drummer. And the three thousand mile hookup between them sounds as natural as any that two long-time musical partners would display.

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