"The Longing" CD - Leo Gosselin

The Longing offers 12 intimate, contemplative original tracks. From Leo's liner notes:

"I wanted the various pieces to convey the emotional elements that live within us, the most powerful of all being love."

Most of the pieces are solo, performed on a PASV-4-equipped Grand Stick with (only one over-dubbed solo on track 5). They range from mellow jazz ("Gypsy Shuffle", "No Going Back"), pop ballads ("Memory Meadow", "Sacrifice of Love", "Trail Flowers", "Without You"), Baroque-stylings ("Winnie's Crossing", "Thoughts of You"), with lute-like tones and harpsichord ornamentations, Celtic ("Seaward Waltz", "Spanish Circle"s) and folk ("Country Sun"). 

Leo's subtle use of the different filter and pickup settings on the PASV-4 adds to each tune's distinctive feel. Sometimes he goes for a warm "jazz guitar" tone, at other times it's brighter, more "acoustic". When using the same settings on both sides The Stick sounds like one giant extended range instrument, and with different settings on bass and melody the distinctiveness of each hand's part comes through. Even on more relaxed pieces his left hand is constantly in motion, a singlular finger-style rhythm section all on its own, supporting his lyrical right hand.

Here's a performance of one of the tracks from the CD:

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