"Stickistas, a compilation of the Art of Hispanic Players and Composers" CD

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Featuring 22 artists from seven coutries, Guillermo Cides' 
Stick Center in Spain presents a broad compilation of artists,
reflective of Spanish and Latin American musical culture, 
and also of very modern stylings.

Special bonus track featuring Cides and Emmett Chapman.

The artists:
 1. Diego Blanco (Argentina)
 2. Gustavo Vidal (Argentina) 
 3. Matias Betti (Argentina)
 4. Xavi Oro (Spain)
 5. Dirseus (Argentina)
 6. José Albarracín (Argentina)
 7. Andreas Guenther (Brasil)
 8. Miguel Menocal (Spain)
 9. Teddy Baxter (Spain)
10. Silvio Paredes (Chile)
11. Juan Serna (Spain)
12. Zecharies-Boismenu (Uruguay)
13. Gualberto (Spain)
14. Germán Fas (Spain)
15. Mauricio Manchón (Argentina)
16. Sotelo-Santos (Mexico)
17. Pablo Gigliotti (Argentina)
18. Bernardo Dominguez (Argentina)
19. Pat Benadón (Spain)
20. Cides-Cushma-Alexander (preview future album)
21. Cides
22. Emmett Chapman (Bonus track, inedit song)

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