"Stick Figures" CD - Greg Howard

More than a decade after creating one of the most definitive solo Stick recordings to date, Greg Howard has released a completely remixed version of his 1993 debut CD Stick Figures. 

There is a reason why this one is on every Stick player's list of desert island recordings. It is a beautiful collection of solo pieces, all performed on 10-string Stick with no overdubs and just a touch of reverb, and features several Howard favorites like "Charmed Life" and "Big Meadows." Each piece was a solo performance from start to finish and each track stands as a solid work on its own, from the upbeat, opening "Morning Song" to the time-shifting "Blue Ridge." The beauty of the compositions is supported perfectly by the simplicity of the arrangements and lyrical soloing. Even though it's a studio recording, there is a pronounced "live" feel throughout. 

The differences in this new release of an old staple jump right out. The level of the entire record is higher and there seems to be a clarity and a "jump" to the entire work that wasn't there before. This new mix complements the performance perfectly. A clear, warm tone, ample space, and slight panning of each side of The Stick create a clear picture of what each hand is playing in the arrangement. 

For those already familiar with this work, the remixed version of Stick Figures more than does justice to these pieces. For those who are new to this record, you've come along at the perfect time to pick it up.

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