"Sol" CD - Greg Howard

Greg is a soloist and band leader in this Latin and Spanish-inspired CD. Sol is energizing and fun listening, especially for a Stick player, as The Stick is everywhere. Greg's compositions and arrangements open windows to all manner of Latin landscapes and connections to Arabia and Morocco, Africa, Brazil, to Spain itself, and even "south of the border". 

The core ensemble is a trio of Stick, drums and Latin and African percussion (Robert Jospe - drums, Darrell Rose or Kevin Davis - percussion), with some tracks including trumpet (John D'earth) saxophones (Greg - alto, Jeff Decker - tenor) and guitars (Tim Reynolds). Seven originals and Greg's crowd-pleasing arrangement of Erich Ferstl's "Guitarresque". 

Newly re-mastered version released in October, 2002.

Greg performs "Guitarresque" at the Montreal Jazz Festival

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