"Isolation" CD - Pan Metropolitan Trio (Attias)

Japhlet Bire Attias - Chapman Stick
Stefan Kac - tuba
Owen Weaver - drums

This debut offering from one of the most unique trios to come along in years explores the world of post-bebop jazz from the bottom up, with a twist of progressive rock thrown in for good measure. Hailing form the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota, PM3 consists of Stefan Kac (tuba), Japhlet Bire Attias (Chapman Stick), and Owen Weaver (drums and percussion). "Isolation" features four tracks by Kac, a group co-composition, a Metheny tune, a Gentle Giant track and a beautiful song by Italian pianist Giacomo Aula. The record shows a maturity that goes way beyond this young ensemble's years.

"I greatly appreciate the discipline and jazz "ethic" that went into this work. The compositions are first class throughout, with well executed thematic phrasing and breaks, and flowing, evolving improvs. Japhlet's Stick bass with chord progressions seems strongly influenced by pianist McCoy Tyner. From time to time I found myself missing John Coltrane, McCoy's harmonic "partner in crime", but then Stefan's tuba ably fills the bill - fluent and mature jazz solos in the mid to low registers. Owen's drums complete the picture with understated rhythms, dynamic nuances, and above all, a sense of jazz history, which all three members share. I feel this album has its roots in an impressive period of mid '60s progressive jazz, before it became angry and atonal. Very happy to see The Stick in this setting!"

-Emmett Chapman

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