"Celtic Vision" CD - Leo Gosselin

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Celtic Vision, the second of Canadian born Leo Gosselin's 2001 releases, puts the veteren Stick player back into an ensemble format. On this release, Gosselin performs a collection of Celtic pieces on his ACTV-2 equipped 12-string Stick accompanied by Miriam Neuman on the violin, Susan Hammer on Irish whistle, Ty Rogers on Zendrum, and Christian Gosselin on synthesizer. 

Throughout the record, the traditional instruments combined with the not so traditional instruments provides a unique interpretation of the pieces from the Celtic tradition. Right from the start, "The Butterfly" opens with a nice groove of Stick and Zendrum and is quickly joined by the Irish whistle and violin sharing melody duties with Gosselin's Stick. In the pieces that follow, different combinations of the musicians are used beginning with the Stick and whistle duos of "The Irish Boy" and "Morgan Magan", through more Zendrum accompanied grooves like "Sir Arthur Shaen", and culminating in Leo playing solo on "The Fair Little Child". Right in the middle of it all there lies one of the more interesting version of "Scarborough Fair" you're likely to hear with the familiar melody playing over an ominous drum and bass groove.

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