"Beyond the Beyond and Further Beyond" CD - Per Boysen

Per's new CD for 2014 is Beyond the Beyond and Further Beyond
It includes several original compositions and some electronically inventive interpretations of Eric Satie's "Gnossiene No. 1", and the English traditional song "Greensleeves".


Per Boysen - Stick Guitar, cello, steel guitar, Les Paul, fretless harp guitar, piano



Track Listing
 1. Is Right Here Right Now (Boysen)
 2. Biotope (Boysen)
 3. I. R. L. (Boysen)
 4. Greensleeves (Traditional English)
 5. Reflush (Boysen)
 6. Gnossienne No. 1 (Eric Satie)
 7. Nakhla (Boysen)
 8. Horizon (Boysen)
 9. Closer than Ever (Boysen)
10. Topaz Refined (Boysen)
11. Henry The Seal (Boysen)
12. Henry The Seal in Love (Boysen)


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